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Avaliant is a world-class resource and solutions provider based in Bellevue, Washington.  We provide best in class systems, software, network, communications and management engineering expertise for the most complex new technology client challenges. Whether your challenge is well-defined but lacking critical resources, in the early conceptual stage or struggling to achieve completions, we bring a seasoned team of professionals that can analyze, architect, design, develop, deploy, manage and maintain your solution.  We have both the engineering resources and the project management skills to handle both internal and independent tasks. 

Avaliant's best-in-class expertise has achieved success in: Space, Aviation, Healthcare Information, Training, Manufacturing, Software and Integrated Network & Storage systems. Our broad technical engineering diversity enables us to effectively meet your challenges whether it is a focused software system or a complex integrated system. Avaliant has the people, knowledge and tools to enhance your  business success with cost-effective, time-sensitive solutions.

Engineering Services

Avaliant provides exceptional experienced engineering services support to your organization.  We have System Engineering, Software Engineering, Network & Storage Engineering, Communications Engineering, Space System Engineering, Modeling & Simulation, Program Management and Regulatory Support. We are honored to help whether you need just a few people to complete your team OR if you need a team to take complete responsibility to develop a new capability for your business.


Avaliant utilizes our broad range of engineering and management skills to build solutions solving your simple and complex system development challenges.  We have systems design and development experience that has been honed on design and development of Space Systems, Aviation, Defense, Training, Healthcare, Network & Storage, Communications, and Manufacturing.


LDPC validation decoder GPU FPGA ASIC BER BLER FEC Puncturing Shortening


One of the most effective forms of forward error correction (FEC) codes used in today‚Äôs commercial and military communication systems is Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) codes.  These codes offer excellent Bit Error Rate (BER) and Block Error Rate (BLER) performance, with capacity approaching the Shannon limit.   Avaliant presents a high-throughput, flexible, and cost-effective LDPC Validation service that allows the user to measure the performance of a LDPC code at astonishingly low error rate.  The customer can leverage both the speed and flexibility of the Avaliant LDPC Validation service while designing new code, or optimizing existing communication systems before committing to a final design.