Communications system engineering is the art of the design and development of technologies for communications

Digital communications is vital to our modern society for defense, business, personal life, and entertainment.  The Avaliant team collectively has decades of experience in communications systems engineering primarily focused on satellite and terrestrial wireless communication systems and networks.  Avaliant expertise and experience spans the program lifecycle from end-to-end architecture design through operations. 

From information theory, sampling and quantization, coding, modulation, synchronization and demodulation, channel access, data link layer protocols, propagation models, interference analysis, antenna performance analysis, wireless-communication standards and systems the Avaliant team has done it all.

A particular strength of the company is in the area of satellite and radio communication systems interference analysis, frequency coordination and radio-regulatory support.   This includes ITU filing, satellite coordination, and interference analysis and system studies, including the production of appropriate modeling software and tools. 

Avaliant has the domain expertise and tools to confidently confront any communications system engineering challenge.