Software Engineering

Avaliant has extensive experience in the design, development, integration and testing of software projects ranging from aerospace to industrial.

Sample projects

•       Low Density Parity-Check Code (LDPC) Validation Service: Software that provides a high-throughput, flexible, and cost-effective LDPC Validation service that allows the user to measure the performance of any LDPC codes (currently supports block sizes up to 64K).

•       Optimal Conflict-Evasive Airborne Reroute Notification System (OCEANS): Software that uses open source and standards to help airlines reduce cost through flight optimization.

•       Connecting Disparate Systems: Software to route, mediate and transform messages to and from disparate systems using COTS middle-ware.

•       3D Metal Printing: Software that controls a new state-of-the-art 3-D metal additive manufacturing printer.

•       Health Care: A data warehouse and business intelligence system that captures patient reported surgery outcomes and provides data analytics to physicians so they can improve health care quality.

•       P-8A User Interface: Software that configures training scenarios for the US Navy P-8A aircraft simulator.

Areas of Expertise


•       Java

•       JavaScript

•       C/C++

•       Objective C

•       C#

•       Python

•       Perl

•       FORTRAN

Parallel Processing

•       Hadoop

•       CUDA


•       JMS

•       Websphere

•       Weblogic

•       ActiveMq

•       RTI Data Distribution Service (DDS)

Application Servers

•       Apache Tomcat

•       Weblogic

•       Websphere

Business Intelligence & Big Data

•       Jaspersoft Enterprise BI Suite

•       Talend ETL

•       IBM Cognos

Database/Data Warehouse

•       Oracle

•       PostgreSQL

•       PostGIS

•       MySQL

•       SQL Server

•       Mongo

Enterprise Integration Patterns

•       Apache Camel

•       Talend/Jaspersoft

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

•       Apache ServiceMix

•       Websphere Message Broker


•       RESTful

•       SOAP

•       HTML5

•       JSON

•       AngularJS

•       PHP

•       nginx


•       Spring

•       Hibernate

•       Pandas

•       Scikit-learn

Mobile Development

•       Adroid

•       IOS

•       Blackberry

Cloud Services

Real-time Software

•       VxWorks

•       Delta Tau

Configuration Control

•       Subversion

•       Git

Software Project Management

•       Maven

•       Ant

•       Make

•       Atlassian (Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo)

•       Jenkins

•       Trac

•       Eclipse

Development Methodologies

•       Agile

•       Scrum

•       Traditional Waterfall

Operating Environments

•       Linux

•       Windows

•       VMWare

•       KVM