"Simulation is creating a model that you can manipulate to answer a question." Dr. Richard Gran

Avaliant has extensive Modeling & Simulation experience developing custom models and using commercial-off-the-shelf tools such as Matlab, Simulink, STK (Satellite Tool Kit) and OPNET enhanced with custom software to simulate and model your complex system and answer your what-if questions. The models we develop are enriched by our broad technical engineering diversity and depth in the areas of system engineering, network engineering and communications engineering.  Our core strengths in Modeling & Simulating are in the areas of:

  • Satellite constellation analysis (coverage, availability, radiation, etc.)
  • Satellite constellation network performance (capacity, performance, revenue generation, etc.)
  • Integrated communication system and network modeling (physical layer through transport layer and above)
  • Integration of network and communication system models into overall system capability analysis
  • Network traffic and offered load model development and analysis
  • Network performance and capacity modeling and analysis

Some of our Modeling & Simulation activities in support of commercial and government customers include:

  • N-Asset coverage study for satellite constellations (STK Coverage Analysis)
  • Constellation Search – Examined trade space to determine candidate Air Traffic Management satellite constellations (STK)
  • Satellite constellation Doppler and latency analysis (STK)
  • Beam capacity analysis assessing the impacts CDMA, TDMA etc (Custom C++ software)
  • TCP/IP overhead and performance studies utilizing Advanced Air Transportation Technology (AATN) 2015 traffic profiles (OPNET)
  • TCM Uplink/Downlink DAMA performance analysis model (OPNET)
  • FCS WNW Ad-Hoc Networking performance analysis model (OPNET)
  • Development of traffic generators using AATT 2015 traffic profiles (C++, for use by Matlab and STK)
  • Enhanced Traffic Management System and Global Official Airline Guide traffic analysis for demand modeling of communications traffic (Matlab, STK)
  • Air Traffic domain distribution and air traffic studies, Preston TAAM dataset conversion (Matlab)