Avaliant space systems experience ranges from the detailed design of communication subsystems to the architecting and modeling of entire systems involving space, ground network and control segments

Our team members have been key participants in proposals and programs that span classified US programs; DoD systems (TSAT and WIN-T); the FAA’s Global Communication Navigation, Surveillance System (GCNSS) program; multiple NASA programs (Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Modular Space Vehicle (MSV), Solar Electric Power (SEP) Space Tug, Mars Sample Return, and others); commercial COMSATs and the constellation-based networks of Iridium, ICO and Teledesic. 

Space, Ground and Control Segment Systems Engineering:

  • Integrating business and engineering plans, capabilities and constraints
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
  • Technical regulatory coordination
  • Requirements definition, analysis and verification
  • Conceptual design and system architecture
  • Functional analysis and decomposition
  • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation
  • Space system specification, design and design verification

Satellite constellation design and analysis:

  • Launch & orbit analysis
  • Coverage, availability, capacity
  • Communications design
  • Payload design
  • Air interface design and design verification


  • Network traffic and offered load model development and analysis
  • Network performance and capacity modeling and analysis