Avaliant Has Fifteen Years Experience in Aviation ...

The demand for passage and cargo air traffic continues to grow globally.  Airlines, aerospace companies, air traffic management and air transport service providers are all looking for cutting edge technology and solutions to cut operating cost, improve safety, and enhance profitability.  For over 15 years Avaliant has helped it commercial and government customers and successfully navigate this complex landscape.


Avaliant began as a company helping design of the future air traffic management system that leverages new and enhanced communication, networking, and system concepts to improve the capacity, efficiency and safety of the US air traffic system. Helping to assure that the future National Airspace Systems (NAS) of the United States is the safest and most productive in the world.

Avaliant has also helped develop systems that help airline customers save fuel and increase environmental efficacy within the limits of the current NAS infrastructure.  We have been integral in multiple efforts to develop framework to leverage network enabled information management concepts to facilitate information sharing between the many stakeholders in the aviation and air traffic management industry.