In the beginning, we established criteria for people to become members of the Avaliant Team.  Each person has demonstrated character, integrity and compassion and has achieved world class success in their field.  The foundation of a high quality, high performance team is the qualities of each team member.


Bob Bagshaw - President & Founder

Bob is accomplishment and team oriented. Areas of expertise include Business Management, Program Management, Technical Project Management, System Engineering, Network Engineering,  and Software Development with a focus on complex integrated systems. His experienced tracked the advancement of technology from Mainframe, to Mini to Mac to Networking to Space. He continues to learn and apply knowledge and skills developed through the career path and with every Avaliant project and client.,  His recognized broad technical and leadership skills contributed to significant accomplishments for each organization and continues in support to our clients.

Previous: Teledesic, The Boeing Company, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, Mitre Corporation, US Army Field Station Augsburg

Education: State University of New York - BS Computer Science


Dave Morse, Phd - Vice President - Communications

Dave Morse is Vice President of Communication Systems with a broad range of expertise in systems engineering and the analysis and design of wireless and satellite communications systems. His twenty years of professional experience include positions of increasing responsibility at Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has led engineering teams in the analysis and design of satellite payloads, RF communication systems, satellite system architectures, military training devices and wireless LANs.

Education: BS, MS and PhD degrees from the Colorado School of Mines.

David Patterson - Vice President - Chief Scientist

Dave Patterson is Avaliant’s Vice President and Chief Scientist.  He has over 40 years of management, system engineering and design experience in leading-edge wireless and satellite communications systems and networks. As first employee, Vice President and Chief Architect of Teledesic he led the initial architecture and design of the “Internet-in-the-Sky” system: a global broadband network employing a constellation of packet-switched satellites interconnected by inter-satellite links. He has held key management and technical positions in several other companies including: AutoPath Systems, American Telecorp, SPRINT, TRW, ITT, Le Matériel Téléphonique, and ATT Bell Labs.

Education: BA in Mathematics from Hendrix College; BSEE from Columbia University; MSEE from University California at Berkeley


Mark Taylor - Vice President

Mark Taylor is Vice President of Network Engineering with a background in telecommunications, network architecture, system design, modeling and development. He has served in positions of increasing responsibility at AT&T Bell Laboratories, United Airlines, Motorola, McCaw Cellular, AT&T Wireless and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has led technical teams in the design and development of data networks, network management systems and wireless data technologies.  He led the team that created the technical standards for Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD), the first widespread IP-based wireless WAN o­n behalf of the North American cellular industry. He also led the team that built AT&T’s first wireless data network and is the first person to have sent and received e-mail via a North American cellular-based network. 

Education: B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from Augustana College, Illinois; M.S. degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Steve Bliesner- Principal Software Engineer

Steve Bliesner is Principal Software Engineer with broad expertise in both systems engineering and software development. His thirty years of professional experience include positions of increasing responsibility at Boeing and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has developed software models for satellite capacity, coverage and traffic.  He has extensive experience regarding service oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise service bus (ESB) and distributed system design.

Education: BSEE from Washington State University; MBA from Seattle University; MSCSE from the University of Washington


Paul Palmiter- Principal Engineer

Paul Palmiter is Vice President of Systems Engineering with an extensive background in that field, as well as Engineering and Program Management.  His specialty is satellites and communications systems. He has been responsible for design, implementation, and operations of space and terrestrial systems.  Mr. Palmiter has considerable experience working with the Legal, Financial, and Marketing departments of companies to coordinate technical and business concerns.  He has held positions as Director of Systems Engineering at Iridium LLC, Chief Engineer at Teledesic LLC, Senior Director of Engineering at COMSAT, and Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Advance Radio Telecom. 

Education: BSEE from the University of Maryland


Phil Horkin- Principal System Engineer

Phil Horkin is a Principal Systems Engineer with a broad range of expertise in the analysis, design, and development of satellite payloads, communications systems, and system architectures. His forty years of professional experience include positions of increasing responsibility at Hughes, Lockheed Martin, Motorola and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has led product development teams for a variety of satellite payloads, and RF and Optical communication systems. Many orbiting satellites carry his designs.

Education: BSEE from Drexel University in Philadelphia


Dave Troje- Senior Software Engineer

Dave Troje is a Senior Software Developer with 30 years of experience. Prior to joining Avaliant, Dave spent 13 years at Amazon, primarily as a lead developer.  Dave was one of the primary architects/developers responsible for launching the Amazon mobile shopping app.  In addition, he worked on a number of supply chain related tools and systems and occasionally fulfilled the role of software development manager for small teams. Before Amazon, he spent 15 years at Boeing, working on real-time data acquisition and analysis type systems.

Education: BS in Computer Science from University of Washington


Duane Harkness- Senior Network and Software Engineer

Duane Harkness is Senior Network and Software Engineer with an uncommon range of both hands-on and design expertise in network routing, network management, network mobility and software development. His over thirty years of professional experience include stints at Sperry Univac, Boeing and Terabeam Networks prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has led engineering teams in designing commercial network services, specifying management and operations tools and developing complex networked software systems.

Education: BS in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of South Dakota


John Blommers- Senior Network Engineer

John Blommers is a Senior Network Engineer with a broad experience in networking. He was a Senior Network Engineer with Hewlett Packard prior to joining Avaliant. He has written two books: “Practical Planning for Network Growth” and “OpenView Network Node Manager” both published by Prentice Hall.  He has taught networking at the University of Washington Information School.

Education: BSEE from University of British Columbia; MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Victoria.



Karl Griep- Senior System Engineer

Karl Griep is Senior System Engineer with expertise in the design and simulation of satellite and terrestrial wireless communications, including link budgets, closed loop power control, modulation, coding, media access, and interference analysis. His twenty years of professional experience include positions at National Semiconductor and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team.

Education: BSEE and MSEE are both from the University of Washington



Ken Grzemski- Senior System Engineer

Ken Grzemski is Senior Engineer with a wide range of expertise in aerospace and communication systems engineering and data analysis tool development. His twenty years of professional experience include positions at ESL, Tera Research, SoftSell Technologies and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has analyzed and modeled satellite communications systems, RF spectrum sharing schemes and command and control networks, and has developed expert systems application development tools.

Education: B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois

Larry S.jpg

Larry Shatos- Senior System Engineer

Larry Shatos is Senior Software Engineer whose background includes software development for applications, games, graphics, tools and large system simulations. His twenty two years of professional experience include work at Microsoft, Mindsai Productions, Experience Music Project and Teledesic prior to joining the Avaliant team. He has developed software for simulating communications systems, satellite constellations, data networks and satellite resource management, and applications support software for games, graphics and debugging.

Education: BS in Computer Science, Griffin College.


Lisa Middlebrook - Senior System Engineer

Lisa's expertise and work experience is in satellite systems, modeling and analysis. Work includes constellation design and analysis for small and large satellite systems; satellite positioning; spacecraft power modeling; space radiation and debris analysis; orbit and coverage analysis using a mix of in-house tools and STK (Satellite/Systems Tool Kit).

Previous: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (QSS Group), Teledesic, Deskin Research Group

Education: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - B.S. in Enginering Physics


Olga Larcencova- Business/Finance Manager

Business and Finance Manager with experience in working within cross-functional teams coordinating, managing and leading projects. She has experience supporting senior executives and teams internationally and domestically. Her skills and experience are in managing budgets, creating supplier agreements, managing corporate expenses, financial reporting, and managing corporate taxes. In her current role Olga manages and reviews contracts, issues statements of work, and creates project plans. She prepares status reports, charts, complex data, and delivers presentations for senior leadership. 

Previous: Franz Chocolates, Starbucks

Education: University of Washington BA International Studies (m) Human Rights


Samson MillionSenior System Engineer

Samson is senior engineer with over twenty-three years experience designing and developing a wide range of solutions including: terrestrial and satellite wireless communication systems; modeling & simulation of complex systems; innovative software applications.  Samson has three issued patents, conference and peer-reviewed publications, and is a senior member of IEEE.

Previous:  NextComm, Teledesic, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Education: University of Southern California, Engineers Degree EE; Cornell University, Master in Engineering in EE; University of Virginia, BSEE


Shiva Sarafan- Senior System Engineer

Shiva Sarrafan is Senior System Engineer with over fifteen years of expertise in performance analysis and architectural trade studies in satellite and terrestrial wireless communication systems.  Her expertise is in devising custom simulation and analysis tools in various scripting and programming languages.  Her experience comprises evaluation of  physical layer components  as well as analysis of end-to-end system performance accounting for waveform properties, environmental constraints, frequency plan, antenna characteristics, power control schemes, and all forms of interference.   

Previous: Teledesic, The Boeing Company, PSHRO Consulting

Education: BSME and MSEE are from the University of Washington

Steve Roediger- Senior System/Network Engineer

Steve Roediger is Senior Systems and Network Engineer with 35 years of broad expertise in systems and network architecture, storage systems design, software engineering, telecommunications engineering, and IT design and implementation.

Previous: Network Appliance, Cisco Systems, The Boeing Company, Bell Laboratories

Education: BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington and MS Computer Science University of California at Berkeley.